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Murder She wrote
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John Dye
Great unforgettable artist
John Dye started his artistic career very young.
He has acted in many plays.
After a tour in New York, he won an audition in Memphis,
and he made his debut in the movie “Making the Grade”.
He moved to Hollywood, where he played In several tv movies.
In 1986 he made a musical video “Sleeping bag”.
John performed the role of the hero,where he rescued a girl and
her money from two wrongdoers.
In 1987, he played in the famous soap opera
“The Young and the Restless”,
he performed the part of Jason, a friend of the singer
Danny Romalotti.
The same year he acted in the movie “Campus man”,
a fresh and lively play.

“The adventures of a young college student
who makes a calendar for the ladies, to pay for his studies.
He makes a lot of mistakes, he stopped his best friend from
participating in the swimming championship.
But at the end thanks to his intellect everthing goes in the right way.”
In 1989, John played in the dramatic show “Tour of Duty”,
where he portrayed a disillusioned patriot who ends up
as a street junkie.
In 1992 he performed in the show “Jack’s place”.
He took the role of Greg Toback, "a naive and
optimistic young bartender,
trying to bring up a son.
He studies medicine and works hard to keep the family.”
The show was a great success.
In 1994 he performed the role of Jack Mayfield.
"Son of a widowed owner of the hotel,
Jack is a double-dealer who secretly is running down the hotel
in order to sell it and gain his inheritance early.”
John enjoyed performing this role.
He achieved great popularity in 1996 in the role
of Andrew in the show “Touched by an Angel”.
Playing this part was a good experience.
There was a pleasant enviroment and a very lovely cast.
To perform the role of an angel has enriched some aspects of his life.
Andrew’s character helped him to become a better person
and more thoughful.
In 1999 he played in the theatre with
Sally Field and Christopher Llyod.
In 1999 he made an excellent documentary
against the hate in the world.
“Jouney to a hate free millenium”.
From 1998 to 2003 he has been the Master
of Ceremonies of the “Heartland film Festival”.
In 2000 he played in the Christmas movie
“Once upon a Christmas” with Katie Ireland.
The following year he played in “Twice upon a Christmas”.
In 2001 he produced the movie “Water with food coloring”.
“It’s about a story of a man that enters
in a bar orders a drink and he realizes
that he is drinking coloured water,
he discovers that he is an actor and it follows
a humorous struggle between fiction and reality".
In 2004 he performed in the movie “Lesser of three Evils”.
In 2005 he played in the dramatic movie
based on a true story “Heart of the Beholder”.
John Dye has taken part as a guest star in many successful telefilms.
He is a complete artist, he plays, sings, dances and directs.

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