John Dye



Unforgettable…that’s what is John Dye,
this great and wonderful artist,
who gave us dreams and emotions
which will live forever.

His talent, passion and that
smile of his,
so unique and special,
have left the sign;
they made a difference.

Great professional, he was able
to convert every character
in something
exclusive and wonderful.

« Andrew » there are no words to describe
John’s skill to perform this character.
With his ability and humility,
he chanced the life of million of viewers.
Playing the role of the angel
was not sure easy,
but John has not only performed a role,
he was able to touch the heart of the viewers,
just like an angel.


an Angel

During the takes,
his liking and sense of humor brought joy and cherfulness.

« Francis » young soldier
in Vietnam,
a noble and gentle soul.
His performance
is a masterpiece.
The intensity of the feelings
that he gave us
with this character
is really unique.

“Jeff Cutler”
when John made the audition
for this part,
everybody stood
moved by the enormus
of this young man.
John put his soul
in playing this character.
His tears, his sorrow;
emotions so strong that only
a great artist
can pass on.
Mother, Mother

A versatile actor, he made us cry and smile with his movies.

How much energy,
how much mirth,
he gave us by his character.
The irresistibile
Todd Barrett.
Campus man

His very good athletic abilities
have been show off
in this motion picture
on the martial arts.

Best of the Best

Heart of the Beholder

Based on a true story
he played this very difficult role,
so different from the past ones,
in an excellent way.
A real challenge that
he won to full marks.

Fist of the Warrior

In just a few lines
he made his character
incisive and charismatic.

His good mood and liveliness, made him the one!

In the most critical situation, he always found a solution.
As it happened once on stage,
before entering on the scene, he broke his leg,
though he decided to carry on
with an improvised plaster cast and a stick:
the show had to go on.

He was very tied to his home town,
he often come back to Mississippi and Memphis,
where he attended the university and
where everybody admired this young man,
who, with his wide goodwill,
talent and modesty
in a brief time had conquered stardom,
never forgetting his roots.

Before gradutating in dramatic art,
he had undertaken the law study in civil rights,
and wished to work for the « Aclu »
and save the world;
and in someway he did.

Endless are the letters of praise and words of thanks;
which are sent for John everyday.

He has supported and worked for many charities.
Generous and giving, he has brought his help and smile everywhere.

A great artist, but most of all a great man.

His strength and energy were and are preciuous gifts.

Today John has left us, but it’s not like that,
because he carries on living inside our hearts,
he keeps giving his smile, sweetness, strength.

In his interwies I find the answers to my praires;
his words are pearls of wisdom.

And it is with his words
that I desire to finish this page, dedicated
to this great man who made a lot
for all of us.
Thank you John,


"Somewhere in time"
performed by R. Williams.