Tour of Duty was created by Steve Duncan and L. Travis Clark.
This beautiful TV series inspired by the movie “Platoon”,
came out in September 1987 and ended in April 1990.
It had an extraordinary success, nominated three times for an Emmy Award.
It won an Emmy in 1988 for Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Drama Series.
In 1989 the actor Terence Knox was given the prize of a “Founder’s Award”.

The character of “Francis Thurmond Hockenbury” played in a masterly way by the actor
John Dye, was introduced in the third season in episode number two,
titled “Doc Hock”.

The very good actors of “Tour of Duty” made us cry, telling with realism
the atrocity of war: death, fear, loneliness...
and they showed us that between desolation and suffering,
precious values like friendship, courage and hope never die.

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