The Story

The brave soldiers of the Platoon “Team Viking” fight for their Mother Country till the end.
Strong and determined men live the horrors of the war, facing death every day.
During the missions, they struggle with extreme situations,
tired from the eternal heat and biting insects.
They stay hours and hours hidden among the bushes, without breathing;
a simple sound could determine their end.
Each time they see terrible scenes... one second you are alive, the next you are dead.
It’s heartbreaking to see a fellow soldier die from a mine or
from a poisonous snake bite and you can do nothing.

“Sergeant Taylor and soldier Ruiz
try to save
the life of young Wozniak,
who dies in their arms”.

The war puts a strain on these young soldiers,
who’ll be tortured by awful nightmares
and won’t have an easy homecoming.

“Soldier William goes back home.
Touched, he hears the noise of his parents’ car,
who don’t know that
in his last mission he lost his eyesight.
His parents hug him and they try to be strong for their son.
William is pleased to be alive,
he breathes in the atmosphere of home,
but his eyes fill with tears,
which are then dried with love from his faithful dog”.

These brave soldiers fought till the last day,
giving their life for their Country.

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