Everlasting Love
My dearest love, you were my love and you will be forever.
Twelve years ago, for the first time I saw you on Tv;
I was touched by your look, so sweet and still.
The light of your eyes travelled through the Tv screen touching my soul.
I got to know you better, reading some articles on your filmography.
I was touched by your huge generosity,simplicity,
and your smile for me was the most precious gift.
Your great talent made you unique;
you gave to the viewers deep and unforgettable emotions.
Your liveliness and joy brought the sun on the darknest days…
now I’m crying and the sorrow stops me from breathing…
and suddenly you give me a smile…
I’m reading over an article where you jokingly said that
«playing the role of an angel,
it doesn’t mean that you are an angel,
making a comparison that
if you would sleep every night in a garage,
this wouldn’t make you a car».
Dear John I remember when you signed my « guest-book »,
your words were so real,so lovely;
they made me reborn,
they brought me an endless joy and happiness.
I’d always hoped that one day our roads could have met…
but as I’ve read in a book
« when two hearts touch each other, they never separate
even if their bodies
never succeed in meeting each other».
Today half of my heart has gone away with you,
and the other one will wait to meet you beyond the river.
It seems all unreal, but now to the dawn’s light,
my tears keep falling and remind me that it’s all real.
But one thing I know,
Love has no time, no borders,
my love will be always with you.
Dearest John, thank you for everything you did and gave to life;
thank you for your sweetness, generosity,
and your endless love that made you unique and special.

Ciao John,
I’ll love you forever
Dearest John’s family, I wanted to write this letter to John,
a man that I loved and I’ll love forever.
I heard the news just yestarday and it seems all unreal.
I know that your sorrow in this moment is strong enough to stop you from breathing,
but John is always with us.
He was a very good son, brother and a great artist for all of us.
I wish to hug you and tell you that I loved your son with all my heart.
I know that this is not the end, but the beginning of a new life,
the real life, where there is no sorrow no separation.

With all my love,